Meet Lori

cal business woman, Lori Saine works as the Regional Sales Director for Text Mobile Alerts and served as a Councilwoman for the city of Dacono.  She’s a steadfast, principled Christian who is dedicated to her family, faith and community.

Family: Lori and her husband Troy raise their daughter Alexandra in Firestone. Troy Saine served in the Marine Corps in Operation Desert Shield and Lori is a member of the Civil Air Patrol. As a family, the Saine family enjoys the outdoors together: hiking, biking, camping and are founding members of the Museum of the American Revolution and the National Medal of Honor Museum.

Lori's family includes two girls sponsored with Compassion International, Marvelous and Alberta, both from Ghana.

Faith: A member at Rocky Mountain Christian Church, Lori volunteers with various church functions and teaches Sunday School to 1st graders. She volunteers with Carbon Valley Young Life; a faith building, Christian youth ministry that helps in guiding kids whose parents don’t attend traditional church facilities. Lori also volunteers for Habitat for Humanity and the Denver Rescue Mission.

Lori’s passion for youth extends into the community where she served as coordinator and instructor for Constitutional Kids Patriot Camp, a day camp that teaches about the Constitution and American Patriotism.   Lori also teams up with Liberty Day to teach about the Constitution and American exceptionalism in area schools. Lori served as chess instructor for K-third grade at Carbon Valley Academy and her Daughter Alexandra attends a local charter school.

She has helped charter the Republican Women of Weld group, served on Dacono’s Planning Commission and served as Chair for Dacono’s Economic Development Committee.  She represented Dacono at the Carbon Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Carbon Valley Recreation District and
the Steering Committee for the SW Weld Economic Development Initiative.

The Race:  Lori was overwhelmingly chosen as the Republican nominee for House District 63 in 2012, in 2014, and again in 2016.

Lori Saine was one of the conservative champions in the legislature, earning an A rating in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 on the The Principles Of Liberty Scorecard, based on the main planks of the Republican Party platform.

Lori Saine earned the coveted House Champion award from the Colorado Union of Taxpayers for defending the taxpayers of House District 63.

Lori Saine was the only candidate in the HD 63 race that has signed the Colorado Union of Taxpayers pledge to protect TABOR, the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, by signing the CUT pledge.

Lori Saine is the only candidate in the HD 63 race that has been endorsed by two gun rights groups and filled out the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners survey 100% in favor of protecting second amendment rights.

Lori Saine is the only candidate in the HD 63 race that has taken the Christian Family Alliance survey, 100%.

Lori Saine is the only candidate in the HD63 race that has taken the ABATE of Colorado survey and scored 100%.

Lori Saine is the only candidate tn the HD63 race that has received an “A” rating from the Heritage Alliance.